MHRA FOI - Vaccine deaths from 2010-2020 for new vaccines
Posted by Rebel Rabbit on 30/06/21 at 21:41:27

On the 29th May 2021, I submitted the following FOI request to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA):

Dear Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency,

Under the freedom of information act, could you provide me with:

A list of all new vaccines in use in the UK between 2010 and 2020;

The number of vaccine deaths, per vaccine, per month for each year from 2010 to 2020, for all vaccines from the above list.
The results arrived back on 29th June, 2021, here:

The earliest vaccine start date was 09/10/63, for the Inactivated influenza vaccine; the latest was 18/12/00, for Pediacel vaccine. The cut off date for most of the vaccine reports was 08/04/21. There were a total of 8 vaccines returned from the FOI request (the results can be seen via the link above). The total number of reactions = 60047, total reports = 21246 and total deaths = 284.

I compared these results with the totals from the three combined Covid-19 vaccines. The earliest vaccine start date was 09/12/20 (Pfizer), the current cut of date used is 16/06/21, a period of just over 6 months at the time this page was created. The total number of reactions = 973435, total reports = 285219 and total deaths = 1356.

As you can see, the results for the Covid-19 vaccines are shockingly high for the short amount of time they have been available.

I put these results into a spreadsheet so the results could be seen side by side: Vaccine adverse reaction comparison

For details of the Yellow Card data, see my Yellow Card page.